Here is a list of some of my up coming classes. If you have a group of particular friends, wanting to do a certain design together, please give me a call, and see what we can work out! ;)


 For every class, you will need to bring the folllowing list of supplies:   med. Bucket- for water  ;  pencil  ;  ruler  ;  1/2 doz. clip type clothespins  ;  handtowel, that you dont mind staining  ;  and scissors that can cut thin wood.  





   ~  The Herb Gathering Basket  ~ Classes held at The Blue Mountain Lavendar Farm ~ Dates; June 15 and June 29, 2012 ~ (Both dates are Fridays) ~ 


This is one of my most popular designs, and so much fun to weave! If you have never woven before, do not fear! You will walk away with a basket you are 100% pleasesd with! I will see to that. ;) 

This is a generous size, measuring aprox. 20-23" long, and 10" wide. with low sides, perfect for gathering lavendar when you are finished weaving!  The Blue Mountain Lavendar Farm adds the bonus of a gorgeous outdoor setting, with views of farm and lavendar fields as you weave.  Please bring a packed lunch, and the supplies listed at the top of this page. The class will start at 10:oo am and be over shortly after lunchtime. The cost for this class will be $45.00. Give me a call  (at the number above) to schedule a spot in the class!  See you there! =)

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